We care for your health

Your health is our priority!

Healthy living and healthy working are important for everyone. That is why we design ergonomic products with you in mind! With our ergonomic expertise, we design affordable ergonomic solutions that help you work in a healthy way. Whether you work at home, in the office or on the road, we always have a solution that suits you.

Ergonomically designed

With you in mind!

When designing our products, we take into account anthropometry (human geometry), ergonomic principles and applicable (occupational health and safety) guidelines.

We strive for ergonomic solutions that are suitable for everyone, regardless of your height, posture and left- or right-handedness. Because screen work can quickly lead to strain on small muscles and tendons in the wrists and hands, we design keyboards and mice so that minimal muscle strain is required to operate them. In the testing phase, we therefore also use muscle strain indicators. Our new products are evaluated by external ergonomists and a test panel of users.

Tested and recommended

AGR certification

“Ergonomic and body-friendly mice, keyboards, monitor arms, document holders and laptop stands from R-Go provide assistance for natural and effortless computer work. They relieve the user instead of putting extra strain on him. It is especially important that the aids fit the user, as different people have different preferences. Congratulations on the AGR seal of approval and on products that make working life easier!”

Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR)