An ergonomic left-right mouse – Vertical, yet easy to carry

12 December 2023
Gerry Hameetman

Let’s do the Twister!

Painful symptoms behind a screen? You probably already try all kinds of things yourself to prevent them, with all those hours you spend behind a screen not only in business but also in private. Changing your sitting position (standing up straighter!) when you think about it, regularly looking away from your screen, things like that. If you know a little more about ergonomics -in the worst case because you suffer from RSI symptoms- you might also use ergonomic computer aids. Vertical mice, compact keyboards and pause software are tools that help you work with screens in a healthy and complaint-free way.

Double purchase?

In offices and schools, more and more people are thinking about ergonomic solutions and employers want to contribute to healthy ergonomic solutions by setting up ergonomic workstations. Unfortunately, the tools are usually not purchased individually, and that while it is important that the tools you use are also appropriate. If you have a large hand, then you need a large mouse, and if you are left-handed, then a left-handed mouse is very useful. And once you have the right tools at work, you want the same at home. Especially if you work hybrid. In recent years it has become increasingly common for people to alternate between working at home and at the office. Hybrid work is convenient, saves travel time and costs, and is better for the environment. Only – what about your ergonomic tools? Double purchasing is not easy, and transporting them every time is often difficult.

Double benefit

For R-Go Tools, this was reason to think about a special mouse, a mouse with a longer range. A tool that you can get even more out of than a standard vertical mouse. We wanted an optimally ergonomic mouse that could be used by everyone, both left and right-handed. After all, the best way to relieve hand fatigue is to alternate hands. In addition, we felt that the vertical, and therefore awkwardly high mouse should also be easy to transport.

R-Go Twister

From these intentions, our R-Go Twister was eventually born. A left-right mouse that is collapsible, thanks to an ingenious, patented switch-and-fold system. Which also features the R-Go Break software. The Twister uses LED lights to indicate when it’s time to take a (micro) break and can give you insight into your break behavior so you can optimize your break habits. The more concentrated and productive you work. No hassle with cords with this mouse, as the Twister works with Bluetooth and is therefore wireless. Of course, it is as green as it gets and made from 100% recycled plastic and aluminum. Of course, not literally green-though it could be: in fact, the Twister can be personalized, with a cheerful color, a logo or a pattern. Nice to give someone as a gift! Although the Twister is also easy to just share with others.

Now available!

As ergonomic experts, we at R-Go Tools foresee that ergonomic working will become much, much more important in the future, in offices and schools, but also at home. And because our credo is “Affordable ergonomic tools for everyone,” after a long development process we naturally wanted to make our new mouse available to everyone as soon as possible. After a successful crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, we raised the necessary amount through pre-orders to speed up the production process for a few months. Let’s all do the Twister: perhaps the most ergonomic vertical mouse to work with, anywhere!

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