Good to know: the often unknown and underestimated benefits of a Bluetooth mouse

20 June 2023
Gerry Hameetman

Our HE mice have been updated to comply with the latest technology. With this, all wireless HE Mice feature a Bluetooth connection. But what exactly is the difference between Bluetooth and wireless 2.4 GHz?

At first glance, mice with a Bluetooth connection and ‘normal’ wireless mice look the same: both lack the often troublesome cord. The big difference is in the way they connect wirelessly to the computer. Compared to traditional wireless mice, this gives Bluetooth mice quite a few advantages in use. We get a lot of questions from customers about this. Therefore, so we would like to make this more transparent for you below.

No dongle needed

Ordinary wireless mice make contact via USB receivers and therefore require a so-called separate dongle, which you have to plug into the device. Bluetooth mice make contact via a short-range radio connection and do not require any additional, separate accessories. This means you have more USB ports left on your computer. Handy, of course, when you want to use them for other devices.

Suitable for almost any device

Because most modern devices are made to work with Bluetooth, Bluetooth mice connect seamlessly with virtually any device. No more hassle with impossible connectivity, just universal compatibility. When working with different devices, Bluetooth is extremely ideal. After all, switching between the devices is quick, easy and without any additional supplies.

Less interference

Moreover, with Bluetooth mice, you are less likely to experience interference. Ordinary wireless mice operate on a frequency band that is also used by many other devices, such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers, but also microwaves! If the signals from all these devices are mixed up, this can lead to distortions and therefore a reduced performance of your mouse. To prevent this, a Bluetooth mouse automatically switches to less overcrowded frequency bands and thus constantly functions optimally.

Safer and more reliable connection

Compared to ordinary wireless mice, Bluetooth mice provide a much safer and more reliable connection. Thanks to several advanced security measures (such as SSP and LE Secure Connections), your data is better protected against eavesdropping or unauthorised access, for example.


Last but not least, Bluetooth mice are much more energy-efficient than traditional wireless mice. They are designed to use less energy and perform optimally for longer. As a result, you won’t have to replace or recharge the batteries as often, which will save you time, effort and, ultimately, money.

A choice for greater convenience

So a Bluetooth mouse takes into account the main needs of a computer user and, above all, means more convenience. Once you know these benefits, choosing a Bluetooth mouse is probably a lot more obvious.

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