Market figures

Global market figures

  • TAM (Total Available Market) Computer input devices estimated at 15,000 – 20,000 million euros
  • TAM Ergonomic input devices estimated at EUR 1,700 – 2,000 million
  • Growth rate of ergonomic input devices +/- 10%

Currently, ergonomic solutions are mainly available on the “curative” market

  • Small quantities
  • High prices
  • Mainly via specialised shops

R-Go Tools: Specialist in the “preventive” market

  • Large quantities (for general use)
  • Market-based pricing
  • Available via regular resellers
  • Specialist in marketing materials

Marketing materials developed with Quantore

  • Sales training (in-house or at Ergonomic Experience Center Leerdam)
  • R-Go Corner experience display
  • Cross-selling materials to create awareness
  • E- Academy with certification
  • Free samples
  • Joint customer visits

Input from Quantore

Why R-Go Tools was chosen

“The reason why we chose R-Go Tools is because of the strong product range, the enthusiastic staff and some of our members were already selling R-Go Tools products.”

“Profit was not our main goal, but more the attention, knowledge and support regarding ergonomics.”

“Despite the fact that other suppliers had a larger range and/or more margins, ergonomics often ends up in a catch-all box instead of getting a strong focus. Your perseverance and accuracy was key.”

“We needed a strong and selective product range with ergonomic support and training for our members. R-Go Tools meets this need.”

Business case Quantore

In 2018, we had:

  • 50 Quantore resellers trained
  • ± 30 ergo corners placed in showrooms
  • ± 5000 flyers sent out
  • ± 200 “Healthy working” catalogues sent out. In 2018, ± 200 (out of 450) Quantore resellers ordered R-Go Tools products
  • R-Go Tools products
  • Sales on R-Go Tools products grew by more than 60% every year (in the past 3 years)

Your opportunity

As an ergonomics specialist, we like to take ergonomics out of the niche market by paying attention to design and costs in addition to ergonomics. This significantly increases the target group of users and new customers.

In addition, we invest in sustainable product development. We offer you the opportunity to support consumers who want to be more conscious not only of health but also of the environment and are therefore looking for sustainable products. We are happy to develop the ergonomic product range for your organisation and would like to support you with:

  • Products for healthy screen work
  • Marketing material
  • Ergonomic expertise

Interested in a case study for your organisation?

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