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Certified 100% circular

Sustainability starts with the design

Our monitor arms are designed according to the principles of “Circular Product Design” with the aim of keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. The monitor arms are fully recyclable, as the aluminum and plastic used can be easily separated. We have received a “100% circularity” certificate for this.


R-Go Smartbar monitor arm

  • Certified 100% circular
  • Modular design
  • With patented SMART functions
  • Dutch design
  • Integrated cable management

Modular design

Create your own set-up!

Our monitor arms are modularly designed, allowing you to create your own set-up. Expand your monitor arm with separate modules, such as a document holder, laptop holder, extra arm or this Smartbar. By using separate parts, you can easily upgrade your monitor arm and only replace a single module instead of the entire monitor arm during maintenance.

Easily adjustable

Adjust your screens as desired

With the Smartbar monitor arm, you can easily and quickly adjust both screens to eye level by sliding the bar up or down over the pole. The screens can be tilted and rotated as desired.

Installation from above the worktop

Our monitor arms can be installed from above the worktop. This allows you to work in an upright posture even during installation!


Approved by experts

We strive for ergonomic solutions that are suitable for everyone, regardless of your height, posture and left- or right-handedness. Our new products are assessed by external ergonomists and a test panel of users. Since June 2022, our ergonomic mice, Break keyboards, Riser laptop stands, monitor arms, document holders and Treepod laptop and tablet stand are also AGR certified. In addition, we won the Benelux Office Award for the Break software and our Viva laptop bag.

Details and


Model and functions
Monitor arm
Capacity in lb (kg)
6.6 - 26.5 lb (3 - 12 kg)
Suitable for screen diagonal
Desk mount
2-in-1: clamp (0 - 2.2 inch (0-55 mm)): Top edge clamp (standard), Conduit clamp (Ø 60, 80)
Other options
Features an intuitive rotation stop. Captures and guides cables out of sight. Installs without tools and operates effortlessly.
3.0 x 3.0 inch (75x75 mm) and 4.0 x 4.0 inch (100x100 mm)
Spring type
Gas spring
Adjustable in depth
Adjustable in height
Height range (up to center VESA)
8.3 - 22.8 inch (21 - 58 cm)
Depth range
5.1 - 23.2 inch (13 - 59 cm)
Weight in oz (g)
148.6 oz (4200 gr)
Product material
Aluminium and plastic
Caparo 4
Warranty period (in years)


Frequently asked questions

What is a good screen height for me?

Place the top of your screen at eye level. Then your neck and head will be in a natural, relaxed position during monitor work. Do you work a lot with drawing programmes? Then put the screen slightly higher, so that you look straight ahead at the centre of the screen.

6 tips

Working with a desktop

Working with computers has many advantages, of course, but unfortunately also disadvantages. As we spend more and more time behind the screen, our bodies tend to adopt a bent posture. An unnatural posture in which the neck muscles have to bear the weight of the head.

With chin on chest, this puts a force on our neck of easily 27 kilos! With the right setting of your monitor, you will unconsciously adopt a healthy posture. But how do you achieve that?