Ergonomic tools


Ergonomic tools

What is a truly ergonomic mouse or keyboard and when is a laptop stand or document holder necessary?

The Ergonomic Tools Webinar introduces you to the subject of ergonomics. You will learn the most important aspects needed to sell your ergonomic mouse, keyboard or other ergonomic tools.

With this Webinar:

  • You learn the basics of ergonomics
  • You learn to apply ergonomics in sales techniques
  • You will be introduced to ergonomic solutions and tools for a healthy workplace
  • You learn the difference between different ergonomic solutions
  • Target audience: The Webinar is intended for people working as salespeople in a computer store or working in the IT industry.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: There is no cost for this Webinar
Jeroen Verbeek
Account manager Germany and Netherlands

Jeroen is account manager at R-Go Tools. Reliability and creativity with a fun factor to exceed business goals is important to him. For Jeroen, office work and break dancing is a great combination. “I believe that ergonomic working increases business productivity. With my ergonomic knowledge, I would love to help your organization increase office productivity.”


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R-Go Tools

Who we are.

R-Go Tools was founded in 2010 from ergonomic consulting firm R-Go Solutions. Our mission is to make healthy working possible for everyone. For this purpose we develop trendy ergonomic products that are suitable for everyone with attention for low budgets and sustainability. Our products are patented and approved by ergonomists.

Because we care.