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Seven tips for healthy working

7 tips for healthy working: Support the body, work in an upright posture, avoid reaching, avoid small repetitive movements, ensure relaxation, get moving and listen to your body!


  1. Support the body
    Sit in the back of the chair with the back against the backrest and have the forearms supported while the shoulders are low and relaxed.
  2. Work in an upright posture
    Place keyboard and monitor directly in front of you. Place the top of the screen at or slightly below eye level and place documents between the keyboard and screen.
  3. Avoid reaching
    Place keyboard and mouse close to the body and also place your phone within easy reach.
  4. Avoid small repetitive movements
    Typing is healthier than mouse usage, so please use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible. Move the mouse from the whole arm rather than from the wrist and don’t do everything with just one hand.
  5. Provide relaxation
    Limit the number of hours of screen work and take short (micro) breaks regularly. Put your hands down for a while when you are not using keyboard or mouse.
  6. Get moving
    Alternate sitting regularly with standing and walking. Keep your body fit.
  7. Listen to your body!

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