R-Go Split Break Ergonomic Keyboard

QWERTY (US), black, wired


EAN Number: 8719274490753

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  • 2 parts for maximum freedom
  • With break indicator
  • Ultra thin for better blood circulation
  • Light keystroke for minimum muscle tension
  • Easy to take with you

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Product information

The R-Go Split Break keyboard is an ergonomic split keyboard with integrated break software. This keyboard stimulates you to take regular breaks. This keeps the blood circulation of your body up to standard, prevents overloading and keeps you fit during your working day.


The keyboard consists of two separate parts, which you can place in any desired arrangement. This splitting prevents your wrists from bending while you type. Typing with straight wrists reduces muscle tension and prevents pinching of tendons and blood vessels. With one movement the built-in magnet allows you to transform the two separate parts of the keyboard into a compact keyboard . The compact size ensures that the mouse is always within reach. Due to the light keystroke, there is minimal muscle tension while typing. The keyboard is flat, so your hands and wrists are flat and relaxed while typing.


LED colour signals in the keyboard indicate how healthy you are working and when it is time to take a break. As you type, the light changes colour like a traffic light. Green means you're working healthily, orange means it's time to take a break, red means you've been working too long. These subtle colour signals give you simple and positive feedback on your break behaviour. For more information, visit our R-Go Break page.


This product works together with the R-Go Break Software that won the Benelux Office Products Award 2021.


  • Consists of 2 parts for maximum freedom
  • With break indicator
  • Ultra thin for better blood circulation
  • Light keystroke for minimal muscle tension
  • Lightweight, easy to take with you


EAN Number8719274490753

Model and function

Model:Split keyboard
Keyboard layout:QWERTY (US)
Other options:Integrated numeric keyboard

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  • I get the following error: "The last USB device you connected malfunctioned, windows does not recognize it", what should I do?

    Press or click the windows button in the left down corner of your screen, then search for "Bluetooth and other devices" and click the result. You will be redirected to the settings screen. Click on the USB Keyboard driver and delete it. Than disconnect and redirect the keyboard to your devices. The drivers will be reinstalled and everything should work now.

  • My Caps Lock key is only working for the left side of the keyboard. The Shift-keys are only working for the same part of the keyboard, not for both sides. Can this be fixed?

    You're probably using a system with MacOS installed on it. Unfortunately MacOS doesn't let the computer use two keyboard (parts) with one wire which causes the issue that some keys on the one part, aren't working for the other part. But, this can be fixed. Follow the steps below:

    • Download the application Karabiner-Elements here
    • Install the application and open it.
    • Make sure you are on the tab named 'Simple Modifications' at the top of the window.
    • At the bottom left side you see a button named 'Add item'. Click on it, and you will see a new line appear in the field above the button.
    • Under 'From key', click on the selector and select 'left_shift'. Now click on the selector under 'To key' and select 'right_shift'.
    • Click 'Add item' at the bottom left side again, a new line will show up in the field above.
    • Under 'From key', click on the newest selector and select 'right_shift'. Now click on the newest selector under 'To key' and select 'left_shift'.
    • If you did everything correctly, it should look like this image: KarabinerElements.png
    • Your keyboard should work fine now. If it is still not working, try to reboot your computer or send us a message here
  • Why is this keyboard so flat, that is not ergonomic right?
    Our keyboards are made as flat and thin as possible due to ergonomical reasons. When you use a keyboard with a height adjuster underneath you will bend your wrists in order to reach all the keys. By bending your wrists you block the bloodcirculation going through your hands. That is why our keyboards are flat and thin so the blood circulation does not get blocked due to your wrists.
  • Is it possible to turn off the light in the upper left corner?
    Yes, this is possible. You can do so by pressing the keycombination "Fn"+"A". If the light is already turned off and you want to turn it on again, you can press the same combination to do so.
  • The right side of my keyboard types numbers instead of the letters u,i,o,j,k,l and m. How can I fix this?
    When this happens, the internal numpad of the keyboard has been activated. You can turn this off by pressing the Num Lock key on the keyboad. This key is located on the top row, the third key from the right.


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