Work healthy with the R-Go Break Software


Stretch along with the Fit coach and stay fit during your workday


The Fit coach offers you various stretching exercises during your micro-breaks via a pop-up on your screen.

Developed by physiotherapists

The Fit coach contains more than 80 exercises which have been developed by physiotherapists

With free Break coach

The Fit coach is a module of the R-Go Break Software, your personal coach for microbreaks

Personalize your workout

Choose which muscles you want to stretch and the number of exercises you want to do per break

Get moving!

By doing various stretching exercises during your micro-breaks, you will stimulate the blood circulation and stay fit and focused throughout your working day.

How does the Fit Coach work?


The Fit coach offers a pop-up on your screen with stretching exercises from physiotherapists. You can personalize the Fit coach by selecting the type of exercises. You can choose from the following exercises: Balance, Neck and shoulders, Legs and Posture / Relaxation. During the exercises you will be coached with a video, pictures and a simple description. The Fit coach is developed in cooperation with physiotherapists and contains more than 80 exercises. You can decide yourself during which breaks you want to do the exercises and how many exercises you want to be offered per break.


* Only available for Windows

Other R-Go Break products

Sit/stand Coach

  • Controls your electric desk
  • With free Break coach
  • Personally adjustable

Ergonomic Mice

  • Break indication LED
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Fits in any hand

Ergonomic Keyboards

  • Break Indication LED
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple versions available

Sit/stand Coach

By changing your posture regularly during the working day, you stimulate the blood circulation and prevent physical complaints. Based on actual screen usage, the Sit/stand coach moves your desk from sitting to standing or a height in between (for use of a stool or desk bike).

Ergonomic Mice

The R-Go HE Break mouse is an ergonomic vertical mouse that ensures a natural relaxed position of your arm and hand. This mouse uses LED color signals to indicate whether you are taking enough breaks and it encourages you to work in a healthy way.

Ergonomic Keyboards

The R-Go Break keyboard contains a LED light that is controlled by the R-Go Break Software. This light changes color, like a traffic light. When the light turns green, it means you are working in a healthy way. Orange indicates that it is time for a short break and red means that you have been working too long. This way you receive feedback about your break behavior in a positive way.