Step by step to an ergonomic workplace

21 November 2022
Anita Bons

Did you know that over a third of Dutch employees suffer from RSI complaints? We already knew that the set-up of the monitor workplace has a major influence on this. But why do we often sit incorrectly in practice?

Running behind the facts

Constantly paying attention to a good posture during monitor work is often neglected, especially when the work has to be finished quickly or when a lot of concentration is required. Then you only react when the body signals pain, but by then it actually already is too late. It is important to ensure an ergonomically designed workplace. Whether in the office, at home or at a client’s office. This is because a healthy workplace will imperceptibly force you to automatically adopt a healthy working posture while working.

Step-by-step plan

To help you get started, here are 10 steps to healthy workplace design. In the article below, these steps (from desk chair to mouse) are simply explained with pictures.

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