Reviews by participants

Satisfied to very satisfied

The participants were satisfied to very satisfied with R-Go Tools products. They indicated that they would recommend R-Go Tools’ ergonomic products to others.

R-Go Riser Laptop Stand

The R-Go Riser easily raises any laptop screen to eye level. This puts the head in a natural position and reduces tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. The R-Go Riser is made of aluminium, making it lightweight while ensuring stability. This laptop stand is easy to adjust height in 5 steps.

“High quality and interesting design.”
– Employee, BDO

R-Go HE Mouse

The HE mouse has a vertical grip that ensures a neutral, relaxed position of the hand and wrist. This shape encourages mouse movement from the forearm rather than from the wrist. This prevents physical complaints such as RSI. The mouse fits comfortably in the hand and supports all fingers.

R-Go Split Break Keyboard

The R-Go Split keyboard consists of two separate parts. These two parts can be placed in any position, so you can always type with straight wrists. The compact design of the keyboard ensures that when using keyboard and mouse simultaneously, both hands always stay within shoulder width. Due to the light keystroke, minimal muscle tension is present while typing. The keyboard is flat, keeping hands and wrists flat and relaxed while typing.

“Easy to use. Good for preventing complaints because of the design and the applications that indicate when to take a break.”
– Employee, BDO

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