Healthy living and healthy working are important for everyone. That is why we design ergonomic products with you in mind!

With our ergonomic expertise, we design affordable ergonomic solutions that help you to work healthy. Whether you work at home, in the office or on the go, we always have a solution that fits you.

Our ergonomic background

R-Go Tools was founded in 2010 from ergonomic consulting agency R-Go Solutions.


Anita Bons is an ergonomist connected to R-Go Tools. In 2000 she finished her study Ergotherapy with ergonomics as main subject. After that she followed further training in ergonomics such as "Ergonomic analysis and design". As an ergonomist for R-Go Solutions Anita does ergonomic analyses, trains Ergocoaches at companies, does individual workstation analyses and provides training and courses on office ergonomics and physical strain.


Vincent Bons (CEO R-Go Tools) is a mechanical engineer (Technical University) by origin. He graduated on developing a method for designing new ergonomic production systems. 

Ergonomic design

When designing our products, we take into consideration anthropometry, ergonomic principles and current (occupational health and safety) guidelines.


We aim for ergonomic solutions that are suitable for everyone, irrespective of their height, posture or left- or right-handedness. Because screen work can quickly lead to strain on the smaller muscles and tendons in wrists and hands, we design our keyboards and mice in such a way that they require minimal muscle tension to operate. Therefore, we use muscle tension meters in the testing phase. Our new products are reviewed by external ergonomists and a test panel of users.

Ergonomic support

We love to share our knowledge with you.

We have written several whitepapers to give you the ergonomic knowledge you need to serve your customers even better. "For example: "How do you work healthy with a screen?", "What is the best ergonomic mouse?" or "Is standing while working the solution? In addition we write blogs on a regular basis to discuss the latest developments in the field of healthy working.


We offer trainings

Without an ergonomically designed workplace, physical complaints can quickly arise. But how do you design an ergonomic workplace at home and in the office? And how can you best serve your customers with well-founded advice on safe and healthy working? We would like to share this with you in a webinar.