Regular activity breaks

After a long, sedentary day at the office, you still have a chance of developing health problems even if you do some form of sport in the evening. Therefore, it is important to interrupt prolonged periods of sitting with regular activity breaks.

Stimulate movement during the working day by adjusting your way of working. Consider standing while making a phone call, walk to speak to a colleague instead of sending an e-mail or take the stairs instead of the elevator. You could also take a walk during your lunch break or carry out a “walking meeting” with co-workers.


Do you have trouble taking regular short, micro-breaks during your working day? This is especially difficult to remember during busy periods or when the work requires high levels of concentration. There are various break tools on the market, both software and hardware, that remind you when it is time for a break. The R-Go Break is an example of break hardware. This is an ergonomic vertical mouse that uses LED colour signals that indicate it is time to take a break.

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