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R-Go Read2Write Document holder

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Stimulates an upright posture

Healthy working with documents

Do you want to read from paper during monitor work? With the Read2Write you are subconsciously stimulated to work in a healthy posture. By placing the documents in front of you instead of next to the keyboard, you prevent unnecessary twisting. The Read2Write raises the paper and has a tilt angle, so you can read everything properly from your chair. This automatically keeps you sitting in an upright posture.


R-Go Read2Write Document Holder

  • From reading to writing in one movement
  • Unique design with ultra-thin aluminum base
  • Soft foam wrist support
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the Netherlands

Document holder and writing surface in 1

From reading to writing in one movement!

Need to take notes? This document holder easily transforms into a writing surface by pulling the sheet towards you with just 1 movement over your keyboard. By pulling the work towards you, you prevent a bent posture and even stay upright while writing. Ideal for reading and writing!

Soft foam wrist support

Prevent unpleasant pressure on the wrist

Instead of a hard raised edge at the front of the top, we have designed our document holders with a soft foam wrist support. While taking notes, the wrist can rest on it. This allows you to write comfortably without annoying pressure on your wrist.


Tested and recommended

“Ergonomic and body-friendly mice, keyboards, monitor arms, document holders and laptop stands from R-Go aid natural and effortless computer work. They relieve the user rather than putting extra strain on them. It is especially important that the aids fit the user, as different people have different preferences. Congratulations on the AGR seal of approval and on products that make working life easier!”

Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR)

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the Read2Write made?

This document holder is produced in the Netherlands.

Can I slide my keyboard underneath the document holder?

The Read2Write has an opening of 39 cm wide. This way, you can easily slide a compact keyboard underneath the document holder when not in use.

Healthy monitor work

A document holder makes the difference!

If you work a lot with paper documents in combination with the monitor, you probably recognise this: at the end of a long working day, a sore neck and shoulders, back pain and not to forget tired, “squinted” eyes. Complaints that can actually be reduced and even prevented quite easily, simply by using a document holder.