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R-Go Compact

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Light keystroke

Featherlight typing

The special scissor mechanism in the keys ensures a light keystroke, requiring less strenght while typing.


R-Go Compact Keyboard

  • Ultra thin for better blood circulation
  • Light keystroke for minimal muscle strain
  • Prevents reaching for the mouse
  • Easy to carry
  • Available in white and black

Compact design

Ergonomic compact typing

The compact model prevents reaching to the side when using keyboard and mouse simultaneously. Ideal to combine with the R-Go Numpad Break. The keyboards are easy to take with you, so you can work healthily anywhere!

Thin design

Thin keyboard

Our keyboards are very thin, so your hands and wrists have a natural flat position while typing. This way, blood vessels and tendons are not oppressed.


Approved by experts

We strive for ergonomic solutions that suit everyone, regardless of your height, stature and left- or right-handedness. Our new products are assessed by external ergonomists and a test panel of users. Since June 2022, our ergonomic mice, Break keyboards, Riser laptop stands, monitor arms, document holders and Treepod laptop and tablet stand are also AGR certified. In addition, we won the Benelux Office Award for the Break software and our Viva laptop bag.

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Frequently asked questions

My keyboard types characters other than what is indicated on the keys. How do I solve this?

Check whether a different layout is selected in Windows than your keyboard layout. You can check this by doing the following:

Click the Windows button and click “Settings”
Click on “Time and language”
In the menu on the left, click on “Language”
Under “preferred languages” select the language you use
Click “options”
Under “keyboards” check if the layout matches the layout of your keyboard or add it if necessary.

Keys with letters show numbers on the screen. How do I solve this?

If the letters such as j,k and l show numbers on the screen with typing, then Numlock is on. Press the Numlock key to turn it off.

What different keyboard layouts are available?

The keyboards are available in QWERTZ (DE), QWERTY (US), QWERTY (UK), QWERTY (Nordic), QWERTY (ES), AZERTY (FR) and AZERTY (BE).

Split keyboards

Healthy and flexible

Chances are, as you read this, there is a standard keyboard in front of you on your desktop. Because, although there are many different variants on the market, most people still use a standard model keyboard.

A keyboard based on an 1878 design by Christopher Latham Sholes! But those who think the split keyboard is a new hype are wrong.