Create your own ergonomic workplace

Create your own ergonomic workplace in 10 steps!

Seven tips for healthy working

Seven tips for healthy working: Support the body, work with an upright posture, avoid reaching, avoid small repetitive movements, ensure relaxation, get moving and listen to your body!

What is the most ergonomic mouse?

A healthy workplace also ensures healthy workers A growing number of large companies are seeing the importance of this A low risk of RSI complaints also means less absenteeism. Therefore, these companies are increasingly looking for ergonomic products.

Whitepaper: What is the best ergonomic keyboard

Are you searching for a new keyboard that fits your workplace? Or do you have RSI complaints and are you looking for a keyboard that can reduce your complants? Then is an ergonomic keyboard the solution for you.

Whitepaper: How to work healthy with a screen?

In recent years, working with computer screens has changed considerably In the past, a person had his own workstation with a fixed PC. Now the office has become more of a meeting place and you can work anywhere with all kinds of mobile devices.

Break software - Preventing complaints with breaks and movement

In this white paper we explain which complaints are most common with screen work, but also how you can prevent them. You will discover that an important key is to relax and move more during your working day.

Whitepaper: Is standing while working the solution?

Working standing at the computer is a hype. But is this really the solution to prevent health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, neck and back problems?