Are you often in a bent posture when working with documents? This posture is provoked by the position of your paper or binder on the desk.


With a binder next to your keyboard, you will be sitting in an unnatural posture without realizing, with your head often having to turn. Paper in front of your keyboard provokes a curved posture. Your head has to make big movements to switch between screen and documents. Both postures can cause complaints to the back, neck and shoulders. With a document holder you can place your documents in an elevated position between keyboard and screen. This setup will unconsciously encourage you to work in an upright posture. And the greater the angle of inclination of the document holder, the straighter you’ll sit. By placing the keyboard, documents and screen in one straight line, you will avoid unnecessary twisting. Do you have to take notes often? Then a document holder and lectern in 1 like the Read2Write is the ideal solution!

R-Go Flex Read
R-Go Flex Read
Ideal for reading and writing
Adjustable in 6 positions
With soft foam wrist support
Made in Holland
Unique design with black steel base
R-Go Read2Write
R-Go Read2Write
From reading to writing in one movement
Unique design with ultra-thin aluminium base
Soft foam wrist support
Made in the Netherlands
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Stimulates a straight working posture

Because you bring the paper to your eyes with a document holder, you will automatically assume a straight working posture.

From reading to writing in 1 movement

The Read2Write is easy to transform into a lectern by pulling the document holder over the keyboard towards you. By bringing the work to you, you avoid a stooped posture. The soft foam wrist support prevents pressure on the wrists while writing.

Unique design

The Read2Write has a unique design. It consists of an ultra-thin aluminium frame with a thin sheet of oak or matt acrylic.

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