R-Go Read Document Holder

Large, adjustable, transparent

Reference: RGOECGRL

EAN Number: 5060227670290

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  • Stimulates an upright posture
  • Adjustable in 7 positions
  • Suitable for books and folders
  • Different sizes
  • Clean Desk

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Product information

The Go Read document holder is a stylish angle adjustable copy holder which can be placed between the keyboard and monitor. This copy holder helps reduce unhealthy neck and head movements and stimulates an upright working posture.

The intelligent and space saving design of the Go Read copy holder allows the user to store the keyboard under the copy holder when not required. This space saving design fits a clean desk policy and helps maximise desk space.


EAN Number5060227670290

Model and function

Model:Document holder
Capacity (in kg):5 kg
Position:7 positions
Other options:A3

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