R-Go Compact Break Keyboard

QWERTY (UK), black, wired

  • R-Go Compact Break Keyboard, QWERTY (UK), black, wired - 1
  • R-Go Compact Break Keyboard, QWERTY (UK), black, wired - 2
  • R-Go Compact Break Keyboard, QWERTY (UK), black, wired - 3


EAN Number: 8719274491385

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  • With break indicator
  • Compact model
  • Flat design

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Product information

This keyboard has all the ergonomic features for healthy typing.


The compact design ensures that when using the keyboard and mouse simultaneously, the hands remain within shoulder width at all times. Thanks to the light keystroke, there is minimal muscle tension during typing. The thin design ensures a relaxed, flat position of hands and wrists while typing.


The LED colour signals of the break indicator show you how healthy you are working and when it is time for a break. The keyboard will encourage you to take frequent breaks. These vital breaks help prevent overworked muscles and tendons in arms and hands and stimulate the blood circulation. As you type, the light changes colour, like a traffic light. When the light turns green, it means you are working in a healthy way. Orange indicates that it is time for a short break and red indicates that you have worked too long. This will give you positive feedback about your break behaviour.


EAN nummer8719274491385

Model and function

Model:Compact Keyboard
Keyboard layout:QWERTY (UK)

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  • Why is this keyboard so flat, that is not ergonomic right?
    Our keyboards are made as flat and thin as possible due to ergonomical reasons. When you use a keyboard with a height adjuster underneath you will bend your wrists in order to reach all the keys. By bending your wrists you block the bloodcirculation going through your hands. That is why our keyboards are flat and thin so the blood circulation does not get blocked due to your wrists.


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