R-Go Numpad Break

Black, Wireless

  • R-Go Numpad Break, Black, Wireless - 1
  • R-Go Numpad Break, Black, Wireless - 2


EAN Number: 8719274491569

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  • With break indicator
  • Flat design
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used seperate or with R-Go Split Break/ R-Go Compact Break

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Product information

Experience maximum freedom while typing with the R-Go Numpad Break. You can operate this numeric keyboard with your left or right hand and choose where you want to place it on your desktop.


By using your non-dominant hand to operate the numeric keypad, both hands remain within shoulder width while working and the load is spread over both hands. Ideal in combination with the R-Go Compact Break and R-Go Split Break keyboard. The ultra-thin design ensures that your wrist is in a natural, flat position while typing. The special scissor mechanism in the keys provides a light keystroke, so you need less strength to type. The R-Go Numpad includes a built-in break indicator, which indicates with colour signals (green, orange, red) when it's time to pause your work. For more information visit our R-Go Break page.


  • With break indicator
  • Light keystroke for minimum muscle strain
  • Ultra thin for better blood circulation
  • To combine with all keyboards
  • Bluetooth connection


EAN Number8719274491569

Model and function

Model:Numeric keypad
Other options:Compatible with R-Go Break

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